Ad Comunicazione: Advertising & Communication Agency

Ad Comunicazione: Advertsing & Communication Agency






Beyond Advertising

Every single project developed by Ad Comunicazione represents a concept evolution, generated between the client reality and the most intense instances of creative marketing.
The goal? Building highly impact images and identities, that will be able to communicate their value worldwide, going beyond standard advertising methods. This attitude starts from the passion that moves the communication agency, which loves to confront itself with client’s dimension. In fact, the advertising agency’s aim is not just to create and promote brands and products, but to constantly improve its skills.
Creativity and marketing represent the main tools of any strategy, which allow the agency to develope campaigns and switch on the right channels in the never-ending space of advertising!

Ad Comunicazione è l'Agenzia di Comunicazione



Juicy fruits… from the roots to the branches of a real network-based agency!

Ad Comunicazione is based on a wide network of communication professionals, built in more than a decade by the founders of the advertising agency. The highly-specialized support from these collaborators increases the quality of any project, allowing the agency to develop unconventional integrated marketing strategies. From brand studies to graphic design, from social media marketing to pure creativity, from photo shooting to videomaking, from web design to search engine positioning, all of the services provided by Ad Comunicazione are always the result from both sinergy and energy, with the main purpose to reach the best results in creating communication products and promoting brands.

Comunicazione e Marketing


The agency manages marketing campaign and advertising productions, reaching the widest range of target through classic press methods combined with modern AdWords and social media marketing tools.

Grafica e Design


(Re)creating identities and make a brand recognisable is our favourite challenge! So, if you want a new logo, an unconventional pack for your product or a special kind of lettering for your website, you are in the right place.

Creatività e Idea


Institutional, fresh or alternative? We love to think that creativity is just the way to give the right mood to your brand, through unconventional methods like narrative marketing, storytelling and social formats.

Produzione Video


In the YouTube era, viral and company profile videos are the smartest way to reach your target. That’s why the agency provides you with the service you need for your video productions, from creativity to production!

Produzione foto


In marketing field, a single image can represent an original and unique identity: yours, of course! With state-of-art photos, the advertising agency aims at creating highly communicative and emotional images.

Social Media Marketing


Whatever you are a FB addicted or a compulsive Twitter user, Ad Comunicazione has the right strategy for you. The agency accompanies the client launching the brand, and gains followers through content sharing.



Ad Comunicazione è unìAgenzia di Comunicazione di Milano e Roma

In more than a decade, Ad Comunicazione had the opportunity to manage interesting clients from different places and kinds, which gave their contribute to the agency’s growth. Without overlooking the evolution in public relations, event planning and press office activity, the advertising agency gave particular attention to web projects‘ developing, social and digital PR, creating websites and e-commerce and providing online marketing services, such as Google and Facebook AdWords.
By the way, the most fascinating challenge for the agency is linked to pure creativity, and deals with new formats, concepts and tools created to empower and promote brand identities, with no target and territorial distinctions.
Any company that believes in the power of communication is welcome in this creative laboratory, where ideas from all over the word become reality, through the passion and the powerful imagination that distinguish the advertising agency.

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